Illustrasjon av Egillustrerer i julenisse-frakk foran et gavekort i gull med skriften Jule-gavekort. Mannen i bildet har brunt hår, skjegg og bart. Han ser opp til venstre og holder en sløyfe i hendene. Sløyfen er plassert over gavekortet.

Instead of Christmas gifts this year, how about a Christmas gift card?

Are you like me and not really fond of shopping for Christmas presents? Is a large shopping center or online store a stressful moment you should avoid? Well, this year you can for the first time buy a gift card in and to my online store. The gift card is issued digitally and is valid for one (1) year after the date of purchase. And if you do not see anything in the online store right now, I am constantly updating with new posters with different motifs and color profiles so that in a little month you may find the perfect picture. I am also always open to suggestions for new motives or other good ideas you may want to share with me. Maybe your idea just pops up in the online store !?

The gift card can be used on posters, photos, a personal illustration of the recipient's wishes or a combination.

The gift cards come in many different sums and for many different products. The gift card that has a sum that ends with 9 is intended to include shipping. All orders in the online store of more than 1000 kroner are sent free of charge, always!


I hope you will give me the confidence to draw for someone you love this holiday season!