Postkort med sort x på framsiden. Postkortet holdes foran et juletre for å vise at julekort ikke nødvendigvis trenger å ha julemotiv.

Christmas cards the easy or the hard way

Postcards are underrated. Everyone loves to get postcards, but no one sends anymore. Why not? Maybe it feels old-fashioned or you think it takes too long? The difficult way is to take a great photo, print it yourself or find a random website where you can get it printed as a postcard. You do not know if the quality is good or if they arrive on time.

Personally, I have never been the type to send or spend a long time making Christmas cards, but after I start an online store and get inspiration through what my customers want, I have made some plans to send out some this year.

Marlene, a good friend and customer, found her Christmas cards in my online store. When she sawAlphabet postersand found the letter X she would like it as a postcard. She took the easy way and contacted me. So I ordered 10 postcards with envelopes.

10 postkort med 10 konvolutter - postkortene kommer ubrettet i posten og du kan velge mellom glossy eller matt overflate.
After 4 days the card arrived in the mail and Marlene was so happy that she sent me a video where she showedpostcards.
Marlene chose postcards with a glossy surface. It is also possible to choose postcards with a matte surface. For 4-sided postcards (such as you can open) I charge NOK 350 for 10. For 2-sided postcards (front and back only) I charge NOK 250 for 10. The envelopes are optional whether you want them or not, but do not lead to addition to the price.
All my designs can be purchased as postcards. So stop by the online store to see if there is anything you might be interested in. And if I have already drawn you or your family, you can also get these designs as postcards. Get in touch for a non-committal conversationher.

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