NFT - Tapetskritt kolleksjonen

NFT - Wallpaper crotch collection

Those who follow me on facebook and instagram have already received this news, but I wanted to publish it here and in a separate post to make it easier to find the NFTs that I have created. An NFT, Non fungible token, is a digital work of art. Many have created large collections of NFTs based on a main motif. A bit like I have done with these three pictures here:

These will after a while come in several different configurations, including more motifs, colors and backgrounds. Many people call NFT a fad, and as NFTs exist now, I probably agree. But some of the big players, including Damien Hirst, use NFT as proof of ownership of the original painting. Something I want to do in the future. Another good thing about NFT is that once they are sold, a percentage goes back to the artist. This means that a proof of ownership of a work of art, which accompanies the original work of art, will mean that one is always connected to one's work of art and the work of art will always be able to generate money for the artist! That's pretty cool if you ask me.

So far, I have placed 3 NFTs on the network. It is a network I have heard a lot about and the process of posting my art was simple. Oh, buying the artwork is just as easy. All you need is a crypto-wallet with crypto-currency in it (in this case Ethereum). When you have it, all you have to do is connect to and you will have the opportunity to buy the artwork if it is open for sale. If it is not for sale, you can contact the owner and ask to buy it! An easy way to acquire art. Here are my three NFTs:
Best regards Egil from Egillustrerer
PS: Purchase of NFT gives you a discount code on the purchase of a physical copy, either the original (if it is not sold already) or a print, of the NFT!
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