Kvifor velge ein personlig illustrasjon frå Egillustrerer?

Why choose a personal illustration from Egillustrerer?

At first I just want to say thank you for showing interest in personal illustrations and for visiting my online store.

I do everything from animal and nature illustrations to bridal couple or family photos. Typical things that artists have always drawn, but with my own twist. I like colorful, distilled, simple but meaningful motifs. Sometimes I post hidden motifs or symbolism, but in the main I draw for you, not for myself!

Illustrert bilde av et brudepar. Bruden sitter på en stol og kikker på brudgommen. Begge smiler selv om de ikke har ansikt. Fargene går fra gult på gulvet til blått på veggen. Bruden er kledd i hvit brudekjole og brudgommen i sort dress.

Personally, I have a desire to offer unique and authentic products that one can not find anywhere else. It is important to me that you are satisfied with the illustration. I do not produce a poster just to get a sale. It stems from a genuine desire that you should get something you can really feel ownership of and hang proudly on the living room wall or bedroom. Therefore, the process from the first gong you contact me, to the finished image is completely open. I ask you if I'm unsure of anything and you tell me if there is anything you want to change in the illustration.

I do not charge until the design is finished. You can read about approximate price proposals here. And if you have other questions, you do not need to hesitate, but just contact me immediately. I'm available at Facebook, Instagram, e-post or in contact form. When you start a conversation with me, I am first and foremost incredibly excited about what image you have in mind so it may be wise to have it clear so that I can quickly give you feedback or share thoughts about what would be appropriate and so take me from there.

Hope to hear from you and I look forward to drawing for you!

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