Skjønt og lyst motiv av en lykkelig barnefamilie. De er pent kledd og i bakgrunnen er det grå skyer og snø på bakken.

Personalized items for Christmas or a slightly different Christmas card?

Have you started with the Christmas presents yet? I do not have that. But, I have already drawn some personal illustrations that will be Christmas gifts! And I think it's so nice to have that trust, that someone chooses me to draw themselves and their partner, or the house or the cottage. If it is not for yourself and you do not know what the person could want a picture of, what about a gift card instead? You will find themher.

I personally think that I offer a unique product that is worth the price, but it is not obvious that people choose me to draw for them. There is a lot of competition in posters and posters on the market - many different styles from different artists, and that people then choose me, I really appreciated that!


Christmas card or Christmas gift?

Through my print supplier, I also have the opportunity to print postcards. There are 10 and 10 postcards with envelopes. The price for design is the samesatsaneas for posters. And then it includes 20 postcards with envelopes. 10 extra cards can be purchased for 150 kroner. So 15 kroner card.

If you have already had a design made with me, I can find it in the archive and can order postcards for 150 kroner for 10, 300 for 20 etc.

So why should you choose me to draw a personal poster or Christmas card?

  • You are the one with the original material and it is therefore you who knows best what you think about what the design should look like!
  • I am the one who draws and brings your ideas to life.
  • Together we create a personal illustration based on your image and your preferences.

What do I look for when I make a design?

  • When I draw, I look for the most important details. For example, it could be about the composition of your image. Like, how can I best get a feeling or what this person likes with this picture.
  • I often think in colors. Colors have their own way of influencing the mood and that is important. I do not always go that far away from the original color, but maybe I make it a little warmer or colder to bring out other emotions in the design.
  • Light and shadow. One who can draw knows that everything is not just straight lines and black or white. But in my designs I like to play with the idea that one can get a round shape only by using straight lines. It is this way of thinking that makes my product a little different from its others.

So if you now think that, yes, Egil, he can be allowed to draw me and my family. Then get in touch with meher.

Christmas is fast approaching and I hope you will let me draw for you this Christmas Eve!