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Blue crotch poster print

Blue crotch poster print

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This crotch is spray painted on wallpaper. It is an ode to the male body and a further attempt to promote the body as something beautiful, regardless of shape, color and size. Blue crotch is the third draft in this series of spray-painted images. The motif is spray-painted on wallpaper samples collected for free at a local store. The picture is luxurious and intimate.


By using wallpaper samples this painting considers upsycling and recycling into my art as a by-product of the process. The wallpaper is striped and textile-like and the paint sticks to it well.


Historically the wallpaper used to be somewhat luxurious. Gilded wallpapers with squiggly motifs from films about King Louis XIV or pictures from Buckingham Palace come to mind. The wallpaper is often seen as an easy way to renew the wall or a hassle to get rid of to restore the wall to its originality. Maybe you have had children who have the peeles away or drawn on the wallpaper to your great dissatisfaction? I imagine that I was such a child. Painting on wallpaper is a bit like releasing that chil in me, but the motif in the picture tells something else. For me, body positivity and self-image are important topics to address.


King Louis XIV may not have been the fattest, but it was not uncommon for people in the old days to be bigger. It showed prosperity, much in the way a wallpaper would do!


NFT of this poster can be found here.


Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matt (uncoated) paper.

- Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb

Shipped in solid packaging that protects the poster

Printed and shipped on request. No minimum number.

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