Oppdaterte fraktprisar i nettbutikken!

Updated shipping prices in the online store!

Now I have updated the shipping prices in the online store. The concept, which is not really a concept, is: The service I use to order prints takes a certain amount in shipping depending on how big the item is, how much the item weighs and where it is produced and sent from. Mostly shipping does not cost more than 60 kroner per poster. I have previously taken 99 kroner in shipping, that is to make sure that I can cover the shipping price if more than one product is ordered!

Well, if you only buy one poster, as one often does, you do not pay more than the shipping price that I pay with my supplier. If you are going to have two pictures in different sizes in my online store, you often end up with more than 1000 kroner anyway and then the shipping is free, as before. If you are unsure about anything about your order or have other questions about shipping or the like, you can check here or here
If you do not find the answer there, I encourage you send an e-mail to egiltve@gmail.com. I usually respond to emails the same day!

Hope to hear from you!
Regards Egil from Egillustrerer

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