About Egillustrerer

I, Egil, like to illustrate.

I started little by little maybe 4-5 years ago with some illustrations that I gave to friends as a birthday present. And after that it has stagnated in periods and I first tried my hand at an online store in 2020 and came across some major obstacles. Despite trials is again now in the year 2021.

First and foremost, I am a teacher. I therefore do not always have time to do everything I want to, but I try. I am very fond of watching films and series and I think I am inspired by science fiction and everything that is not Nordic!

I live in Sogndal and am comfortable with nature and mountains, but I like it in streets where people walk like herring in a barrel. There in the streets and in my dreams I find the most inspiration.

I hope you find something you like in my not crowded gallery or that you send me a small message if there is something you think could have done well in my shop.

Have a great day!

EGIL TVEIT Organisation Number 930 537 063.
The organization number for EGYL INDUSTRIES is 930 584 606