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Diaper - painting - 4/4 hand painted versions

Diaper - painting - 4/4 hand painted versions

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This is a working sketch and a technique test of a larger project I have been working on. This is number 3 of 4 working sketches (1 and 2 have been sold and are in the overview here ). These working sketches enabled me to measure the large 3x2 meter painting that hangs in the cafe at ViteMeir in Kaupanger. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend taking the trip to have a look (or scroll further down the page here to see a photograph of the painting).

The motif is the beautiful mountain Bleia, which lies in Lærdal municipality, but is best enjoyed in the view from Kaupanger. The painting is painted in acrylic on 300 gsm cotton paper, the motif itself is 30x40 cm, the passepartout is 40x50 cm and is framed in a 50x70 cm frame.

Unlike my posters, this painting will increase in value over time!

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