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Jonsok bonfire and Jonsok cruise - poster

Jonsok bonfire and Jonsok cruise - poster

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The motif on this poster is based on Nikolai Astrup's painting "Jonsokbål". Nikolai Astrup wanted to measure man in contact with nature and each other. In the original, you can see a lonely person in front of the fire. He looks down at those enjoying themselves around the fire. I have removed this person because I believe that in a sense we are more connected to other people in today's society than we were before, but not through nature. In addition, those who are lonely are more invisible than ever. Humans have contact with each other through the technology that I have also used to create this motif. Technology connects us, but also makes us more distant from those closest to us. The fact that I have the opportunity may make me

In addition, I have (digitally) painted in a cruise ship in the background. Cruise ships are certainly fun, but when a cruise ship enters a fjord and pollutes with both light and exhaust, then I think it has gone too far. (And; yes. I know that Nikolai Astrup did not paint a fjord where cruises can arrive, but the point is still valid.)

Gallery-quality poster made on thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper weight: 200 g/m² (80 lb)

- The poster is sent with solid protection

Printed and sent to order. No minimum order.

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