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Pesta vacations around the country - poster

Pesta vacations around the country - poster

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The motif on the t-shirt Pesta vacations the country around is based on the well-known image by Theodor Kittelsen with the name Pesta farer the country around. The picture is meant as a humorous comment on tourism in Norway and the juxtaposition, or juxtaposition if you will, of the tourist in a Norway that no longer exists is amusing.

Theodor Kittelsen is probably best known for his illustrations for fairy tales where trolls, elves and mythological figures are represented in many different ways. Kittelsen is probably best known for his artwork "Skogtroll" or "Nøkken". But his illustrations of the history surrounding the Black Death are probably the most fear-inspiring he has created. The plague is illustrated as an old witch or lady and wherever she goes people die flying. The Black Death killed two thirds of Norway's population - if you ask me, that's scary enough in itself.

The picture can be interpreted in different ways, but the funniest thing is probably to imagine angry Norwegians in Lofoten who are angry because people want to visit their village without it being arranged for tourists to spend money there!

Gallery-quality poster made on thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper.

- Paper weight: 200 g/m² (80 lb)

- The poster is sent with solid protection

Printed and sent to order. No minimum order.

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